Crucial insurance for moving to a new house

Crucial insurance for moving to a new house

As many people will tell you, moving to a new house can be the most stressing moment of your life. However, have you ever thought about your insurance when moving to a new home?

There is a great deal to recall, particularly if you are purchasing a property. Your key focus will possibly be on your estate agent and solicitor, and the physical constraints of the move; hence it is very easy to overlook some of the outwardly less important aspects, such as your home insurance. But neglecting such details can eventually cost you a significant amount of money if plans go wrong.

Crucial aspects to reflect on

Contact insurance in advance – This has always been the number one rule. Before moving house, you should always tell your insurer in ample time before the set move date.

Buying a new property – When acquiring a new home, you are legally in charge of it the time you exchange contracts. Never assume anything. It is advisable when moving to a new property to notify your insurance company on time so that they do the necessary appraisal and transfer cover from your old property.

Your belongings on the move – Verify with your current home insurer that under your contents cover policy, your belongings are taken care of while in transit. Policies vary, so it is good to confirm. And a number of insurers will cover you only if a registered, professional removal company is helping you move. So if you have decided to do the move yourself, you might not be compensated in case of damage on route to your new house.

Removal Company’s cover – What your insurance company doesn’t cover, your removal company in all chances will. It is worth confirming, as most reliable moving companies are not low priced; hence, if they do not cover you satisfactorily, then maybe they not worth hiring.

Check security – It is a prerequisite of nearly all home insurers that your home is reasonably secure. For instance, secure doors, window locks, and an alarm might be needed as a condition for your home to be insured.  For that reason, it is wise to notify your insurer before the move.

Different postcode – if you have moved to a new postcode, you may realize that your insurance premiums may change. So take note of that also as you move.

There are many other factors to consider when moving house but to avoid any kind of inconveniences, always consult your insurer well in advance.